Kids Track


We take very good care of your precious 0-5 year olds. We will have various learning experiences in the three different classrooms.


0-23 month old room - no theme, just lots of love and fun!

2-3 year old room - "Hay - Jesus Loves me!"

4-5 year old room - The Three C's (Seas) of God: Creator, Christ, Counsellor


Track Leader and Nursery Lead Teacher - Major Jo Langham - this is Major Jo's fourth year as the Nursery Lead and first year as the Track Leader. She comes with parenting experience and she counts this as her "grandma practice"!!

2-3 year old Classroom - Lt. Brenna Lee - Lead Teacher and Louisa Corry - Assistant Teacher - both of these fine women are first year leaders for CBLI but come with teaching experience and a great love for the children.

4-5 year old Classroom - Katie Engle - Lead Teacher. We are so fortunate to have Ms. Katie back again!!! She is a classroom teacher during the year so she comes with great experience and a love to teach all about Jesus!! Our Track will also be assisted by Wonderland Program Staff as assigned.

Packing List

If your child is in diapers/pull ups, please make sure you pack enough in the diaper bag for that session.

For the 0-23 months - if you would like them in the jammies by the end of evening meeting, please pack them and let us know - we will have them ready for you.

Schedule for CBLI Kids

Daily: 8:45 am - noon; 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Wednesday, July 27 - 8:45 am - noon ONLY
Sunday, July 30 - 10:00 am - end of Morning Worship

We will be taking the children on walks as well as swimming in the older classroom. Please apply sunscreen prior to arriving to the classrooms. You will receive a schedule of these outings from each Lead Teacher. Additionally, please forward an electronic copy of your program when available.

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