Jr. CBLI Track


Kids today face spiritual challenges that call for an understanding of their own unique purpose and talents. This year Jr. CBLI will Blast off on a journey to help kids discover God’s plan and purpose for their Lives – To Identity and Beyond.


To Identity and Beyond

Schedule for CBLI Kids

8:00          Breakfast

8:35          Leaders Arrive in Class Area and at the Launch Pad

8:45          Blast Off: Teleport to Mission Control

9:00          Countdown (Music and Bible Verse)

9:45          In Touch with Mission Control

                  Bible Lessons – Boys/Girls

10:45       Snacks and Space Academy

12:00       Return to Launch Pad to meet parents

12:30       Lunch

6:15          Leaders report to Swimming Pool (Except 1ST Saturday, Wednesday and 2nd Saturday)

6:45          Sea of Tranquility (Bring kids to Swimming Pool – All children should come wearing their swimming clothes. Bring towels, sunscreen and any other swimming supplies they will need.) No Swimming 1ST Saturday, Wednesday (no evening program) and 2nd Saturday (Kid’s Program)

8:30         Parents pick up Children at Swimming Pool immediately following program.

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