What is CBLI?

Central Bible Leadership Institute offers a place for Salvation Army people engaged in mission to rest, enjoy fellowship, and experience growth since 1944. CBLI’s purpose is to nurture and prepare Salvation Army people to serve the world through the Army’s mission to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in his name without discrimination.

Adults, families with children, young adults, and teens enjoy a wide variety of activities led by Salvation Army leaders and guests. There are age specific tracks for Bible study, leadership training, and worship as well as many opportunities for all campers to share in worship, fellowship, recreation and meals.

CBLI is an affordable and a wonderful way to spend vacation time in fellowship with friends and family, studying God's word and becoming spiritually and physically refreshed. The cost of accommodations, meals, child care, and most program material are included in the camper registration fee. Some corps and divisions offer scholarships to help with registration fees. View registration forms for pricing: Individual or Family Group 

CBLI 2017

CBLI 2017 will be hosted at Wonderland Camp and Conference Center, located in Southern Wisconsin, July 22 through July 30.

Each morning is dedicated to track specific programming followed by afternoons fellowship, recreation, and leisure time. Each day CBLI draws to a close with evening programs featuring guests, performances, and presentations. Additional schedules available soon. 

2017 CBLI Meeting Schedule

This schedule is subject to change as plans are finalized/revised

Saturday, July 22
7:15 PM
United Evening Program
Colonels Bill and Sue Harfoot
Sunday, July 23
10:30 AM
United Evening Program
Colonels Bill and Sue Harfoot
7:15 PM
Enving Meetings will be individual by track
Monday, July 24
7:15 PM
United Evening Program
Captains Rutendo and Terry Masango
Tuesday, July 25
7:15 PM
United Evening Program
Michael Hulett
Wednesday, July 26
7:15 PM
United Evening Program
Fish Sticks Comedy
Thursday, July 27
7:15 PM
United Evening Program
Lts. Olivia and Pratik Munn-Shirsath
Friday, July 28
7:15 PM
United Evening Program
Missions Night
Saturday, July 29
7:15 PM
United Evening Program
CBLI LIVE (Awards Program)
Sunday, July 30
10:30 AM
United Morning Worship Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? You may want to know more about CBLI so that you can plan ahead, or to simply savor the anticipation. Here are many of the frequently asked questions.

Q. What should I be prepared for so I can participate in physical activities at CBLI?

A. Campers should be able to comfortably walk short distances and maneuver small hills at Wonderland Camp and Conference Center. CBLI campers will be out of doors daily as they move among various locations for workshops, meetings, fellowship, lodging, and meals. You will be well served by bringing an umbrella and insect repellent.

Q. How will I know that I have been fully registered for CBLI?

A. You will be fully registered as a CBLI camper after all of the following forms have been completed and received by Pam Ricken at Territorial Headquarters (or fax to (847) 294-2297):

  • Adult/Family Application Form
  • Camper Health/Medical Form
  • Adventure Program Liability Release Form

As soon as we receive all your forms we will be able to make housing assignments based on your request and availability of lodging choices. CBLI makes housing assignments based on what is best to maximize our available housing. We appreciate your prompt completion and sending of form. Thank you.

Q. My child is coming with me to CBLI but has special needs. What can I do to help CBLI staff prepare for my child?

A. The CBLI Youth staff wants your child to have a fun and safe CBLI experience. Here's how you can help: parents with children who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for school are asked to provide that same information to Gerri Rajski of the Youth Department.

Q. What is the deadline for CBLI registration?

A. The deadline for all teen and young adult CBLI campers is July 7, 2017. Adult and family housing will fill up well before that date, so registering early will be an advantage.

Q. Who is the Adult Track Bible Teacher?

A. We are thrilled that Linda Himes will be our main Bible teacher again this year. Those of you who have sat under her ministry know that she is a gifted teacher and eager to help all of us dig deeper into the Word of God.

What should campers Bring?

  • Bible
  • Teens are asked to bring a sleeping bag or linens (twin beds), pillow ( if you don’t like the camp pillows)
  • Modest casual clothing: shorts, t-shirts, jeans, sweats, pajamas, etc.
  • Closed-toe, appropiate footwear for outdoor activities
  • insect repellent
  • Summer uniform or a church outfit for the Sunday services
  • Sweatshirts or jacket for cool weather and rain gear ( there has been lots of rain this year)
  • Modest swimsuit and cover up (Girls: one piece only)
  • Towels
  • Toiletry articles: soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, wash cloth, cup, brush
  • Flashlight, Sunscreen, Bug spray
  • Optional—camera, personal sports equipment (fishing pole, baseball mitt, etc.

Do Not Bring:

  • CD/DVD players, iPod/MP3 players, knives, electronic games of any kind, fireworks, tobacco, firearms, alcohol, or animals
  • Cell phones are discouraged and are only to be used in designated areas. Most phones will not have good reception.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted. You will be sent home.
  • The staff reserves the right to search and seize campers’ items that are not allowed at camp
  • Camp Wonderland is not responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged. Please mark all clothing and equipment clearly with camper’s first & last name.

All evening meetings will be streamed live at salvationarmymymedia.tv

Other Important Information

Spending money:

  • Our “Snack Shop” offers a wide variety of items for sale beyond the normal pop, candy and food.
  • T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other camp apparel can be purchased along with other camp souvenirs.
  • Items like toothpaste, stamps, etc. will be made available at a nominal cost.
  • Money can be banked at camp to avoid the risk of losing it, and any remaining amount will be returned to the camper at the end of CBLI.

Emergency Contact: Call the office: 262-889-4305 Fax 1-262-889-4307 if you have an emergency message to be given to your camper.

IMPORTANT: Registration fees must be paid by camper prior to arrival at camp. Any unpaid fees upon arrival will be billed to the corps after the event. No monies will be accepted at camp.

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